TREMBLING sensing space

In the frame of a hugh car tunnel under construction underneath Amsterdam Central Station we realized a performative installation,
an experimental space created by vibrations of light and sound. The audience was taken on a journey though the seven colors of the spectrum, a spellbinding transformation from deep darkness into bright lightness.


Concept, direction: Lidy Six
Composition, sound: DJ Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell
Lighning design: Katinka Marac
Life Percussion: Afra Mussawisade
Dramaturgy: Jellechje Reijnders
Design: X L
Production: David Jansen
Light technician: Jeroen Visser
Photography: Eva Gjaltema

Produced by Het Veemtheater with constribution from and released during the Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam 2009.
TREMBLING sensing space was made possible by the Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, SNS REAAL Fund.


'In the pitchdark, way under the ground, a long drone sounds best. For the first quarter of the installation-performance TREMBLING sensing space by director Lidy Six, you will hear the base tone slowly increasing in volume and power.
Finally you reach a deafening volume, so powerful that even the installation on witch the audience is seated starts to tremble. This sound produces an immediately physical reaction, a unique experience, as if the churning inner core of the earth is gradually getting closer'

- De Volkskrant - Vincent Kouters, 14-09-2009

'What started as an earthquake ended in a magnificent color palette. Far ends of the tunnel came alive slowly and embraced you like a lightworm. New York DJ/composer Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell bombed you with the most splended soundscapes.
Color and sound brings you in a very exclusive mindset.

-ClubJudge - Dammert, 15-07-2009



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