Sensing Colour, Sensing Spaces

'Colours are live beings, highly developed individuals that form an integral part of us, as they do af all things. Colours are the authentic inhabitants of space.'  Yves Klein, 1955

'Sensing Colour, Sensing Spaces' was a research to the frequencies of pure colour

The different aspects of the research were amongst others the working and application of LED-light, the working and application of Surround Sound, the material and transcendental working of colour, the synergy between light and sound, experiments with different audience settings.


During the Luminale in Frankfurt the research was exhibitioned in the Heyne Kunst Fabrik, as part of the group exhibition 'Many Many Moons' of iLo, institute Lighting Design, March 2016.


This research was made possible by a Development Budget of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, 2015 - 2016